Worship isn’t confined to the singing of sacred songs. Music, scripture, prayer, sermons and sacrament all work together as a single act of worship using all our senses. It is “the work of the people,” liturgy, where we seek to honour God in body, mind and spirit. 

Eucharist is a Greek word meaning “Thanksgiving,” and it refers to worship in which we give thanks to God, and experience his grace and mercy as we share in Word and Sacrament.  

 2019 - 2020 Regular Weekly Services 

(September – June)

Sunday:           8:00 am Holy Communion (1962 Book of Common Prayer)

Sunday:          10:00 am Holy Eucharist with Children’s Program 

                                       5th Sunday of the month - Morning Prayer

Sunday:           7:00 pm Compline (Late Evening Prayer)

Thursdays:      2:00 pm Holy Eucharist




The 8:00 am Sunday service is a quiet, reflective service of Holy Communion using the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) as our pattern for worship. The BCP, a product of the English Reformation, has been in use in various locally adapted forms for over 450 years. The language of the BCP, deeply immersed in Scripture, holds in tension expressions of worhip of a world wide church which is both catholic and reformed.

The 10:00 am Sunday service is a more modern expression of our worshiping life. The mood of the music used varies with the seasons of the Church, and the preaching tends to be focused on the life and ministry of Jesus as revealed to us in the four Gospels. The teaching reflects a style of “sharing with” as opposed to “preaching at.” We try hard to make sure that all feel welcome by doing things like announcing page numbers and giving people time to find their place.

Children are absolutely welcome. Activity packs are available at the back of the church, and there is always a children’s program of one kind or another going on in the church hall during the 10:00 service.

Children and Youth join the rest of the congregation during the offertory hymn so that we can all meet at the Lord’s table together.

Compline is a beautiful and ancient form of late evening prayer. In a way, it’s like coming together to say bedtime prayers.

Thursday afternoons at 2:00 we have a quiet, casual communion service and normally it is followed by coffee and conversation.

One Thursday each month, this service is coupled with a Parish Tea where shut-ins and less mobile parishioners are brought to the church for worship and fellowship. All are welcome.