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Please "save the date" for January 10th, 2023 for an eight-week series attempting to bring tangible and practical ideas to a much-misunderstood topic.  Together we will be meeting in the Church Hall (4929-54th Street) at 6:30 pm to explore how we can move closer to God and enjoy a more abundant life through better understanding and utilizing our emotions.  It is being facilitated by Phil Wright (psychologist) and the Ven. Noel Wygeira.
God gave us our emotions and yet many of us struggle to accept them, understand them, or use them to make better choices.  As well, we are often paralyzed when bad emotions persist, leading us to believe we have done something wrong or that God has abandoned us.
As we work through some concepts in psychology, we will also be reading through the book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, and Noel will be augmenting our discussion with his own reflections. 

There is no fee for this series but you will need a copy of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero. The paperback edition can be ordered online through Indigo-Chapters and both paperback and electronic editions are available on Amazon. The paperback book sells for $21 - $22 and the electronic Kindle edition is around $10. 
If you want any further information please call Phil Wright: 403-598-1792.