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Dear Parishioners,What a difference a few days make. Last week we were making plans for this and that. This week we seem to be settling in for the long haul and many of those plans are now cancelled or put off to a better time. COVID-19 has forced us to drastically alter our lives in many ways. For many of the things we’re used to doing, we’re having to figure out how to do them differently, including Church. We have had some questions about regular offerings and how these might be handled when we are not physically attending services. We certainly appreciate people’s concern for this, after all, our bills still need to be paid even if we are not currently meeting in our church building. In addition to that, as the chart below indicates, as of the end of February our expenses are outpacing our income. We discussed this at our “online” Parish Council meeting on March 17 and were able to determine five possible ways to make our offerings in this time of social distancing and self isolation.

*NEW* Interac E-Transfer Direct Deposit - Using your online banking service, you can do Interac e-transfers and electronically send your offering to St. Luke's. We are registered to receive e-transfers as direct deposits so no passwords are required.  It is helpful if you put your name, and if not on our parish list, your address, in the message portion of the transfer.  You can also designate if it is a contribution to 'Heat the Church'.

When setting up St. Luke's as an e-transfer recipient, use [email protected] as the recipient email address.

Drop Off Days – on Tuesdays and Thursdays, if you are out and about, offering envelopes can be deposited in the Church mail slot to the right of the hall doors. The mailbox will be checked at the end of the day and offerings will be retrieved for safe keeping. Please do not put cash in the mailbox.       

By Mail – cheques can be mailed to the Church. The address is 4929 – 54 St. Red Deer T4N 2G7. Please do not mail cash.       

Helping Hands – we have several people willing to run errands for anyone who is housebound during this time. We can arrange for your offering to be picked up at your home. Please email Noel at [email protected] if you would like to arrange this.       

Online Donation – you can donate through the Church website by clicking on “Donation” in the menu at the top of the main page. This takes you to our Canada Helps page. Canada Helps is a charitable organization that facilitates online donations for other charities. This option requires the use of a credit card.       

Pre-Authorized Withdrawal – many of our regular donors use this option. You can set up a monthly withdrawal from your chequing account for whatever amount you choose. This method is not only convenient, from the Church’s perspective it is consistent and dependable. Should you be interested in this, we are including the required form as an attachment with this letter.As always, we would like to thank you and commend you for your financial support of St. Luke’s. Thank you also for your willingness to be flexible as we find our way in these strange times. God bless you,

Debb Mann, People’s Warden

Eric Nyrose, Incumbent’s Warden