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As we make plans to be able to return to our church building, we need to remember that at this point, in terms of our worship, we will not be returning to what we remember. The plans that we are putting in place require strict adherence to Provincial guidelines; the same guidelines that recommend that people 65 years of age and older refrain from attending public worship. Being that many of you fall into this category, this presents us with something of a challenge. Rather than mourning the things that we cannot do we will engage those things that we can. We will start small and evaluate each service before planning the next one. By modifying our practices and limiting time, we can provide opportunities to be in the church that will be low risk in terms of virus exposure. The choice will be yours as whether you participate, but we will do all that we can to make things as safe as we can for those who do. While we are still working out the logistics of how things will work and what we need to accomplish them, I can offer an overview of the plan. On the morning of October 18th, we will have an online Eucharist service using Zoom. In the afternoon we will have scheduled visitations at St. Luke’s. You will have an opportunity for some quiet time and prayer in the church, and then you will be invited to receive Communion. In order to facilitate social distancing, you will be seated at a predetermined station in the pews. Each station can be occupied by a single person, a couple, or a family/cohort group. For those of you unable to attend, or not wanting to risk attending, but still wanting to receive the Sacrament, we will be able to set up short visitations at your front door throughout that week. Please watch for more information and instruction closer to the date.