We have just received a letter addressed to the clergy of the Diocese of Calgary from the Commissary, The Very Rev. Leighton Lee, who is acting on behalf of Archbishop Kerr-Wilson in his absence. The letter is important as it gives direction for action in parish churches as we attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19.
In short, in an effort to do our part in helping to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus, effective immediately, public worship services in the Diocese of Calgary are suspended. This action includes services for tomorrow, March 15, and will be in force until March 31, 2020.
This evening I will be looking at what we can do to utilize online resources to either distribute a recorded message, or perhaps live stream Morning Prayer. Stay tuned.
As the Commissary notes in his letter, our efforts are to help "flatten the curve" and avoid a sharp rise in cases that will increase risk to our most vulnerable and over extend our health care system.
We do this not out of fear but out of love for our neighbour.
Yours in Christ,