Welcome to St. Luke's Anglican Church!

Enter, Rest & Pray: You Are Welcome Here

As many people experience, you might notice that you feel warm and comfortable in this place. We believe the reason for this is that you belong here; you are not a stranger. This is God’s House in the heart of Red Deer. This building was designed to help you to know that you are in the presence of God and that you are loved. The community that worships here exists to make God’s hospitality known. Whether you are visiting just for this time, or if you feel this could be your church home, we welcome you with open hearts in the name of the Lord Jesus.

Who We Are

The late Robert Webber, Wheaton professor of theology, a convert to Anglican Christianity wrote, “The best way into the future for Christ’s church is one organically integrated with her past.“ 

“The heart of Anglican spirituality is seeking Jesus through common prayer, being formed by a shared immersion in the communal annual reading of the Bible, finding Jesus’ sacred presence in baptism, and weekly participation in the Lord’s Supper and giving ourselves away to the least, last and lost. We emphasize being transformed by God in a prayerful community (God’s calling out “a holy people”) rather than as discrete and disconnected individuals seeking our own subjective experience of God”.

From the Gospel Side (thegospelside.com) March 5, 2013.