What is it like? Our community meets in a lovely, old church building which is covered in stone on the outside, and with warm wood and stained glass on the inside. The building is truly nice, but the people are even better. People are always willing to help new comers find their way in the church service.

What about my kids? We love kids, and we love having them participate in the worshipping life of the community. At the 10:00 am Sunday service, elementary age and younger children start out in church with their parents and are then invited to take part in a special program while the sermon is being preached. After that, they rejoin their family and the community for Communion. Of course, your children are also welcome to stay with you in the church service. Activity backpacks are available at the back of the church. Information on other events for children and youth is available on their pages on this website. 

Where do I park? Parking is on the street, but don't worry, you don't have to put money in the parking meters on weekends and holidays. 

What do I wear? We don't have a dress code. People tend to dress nicely, but we're a long way from formal.

How can I get connected? Send us a message by email or through our Facebook page. Better yet, stop by on a Sunday morning. We'd love to meet you.