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St. Luke's church building is a beautiful place to be married. If you are considering being married in our - church, some conditions apply.

The following is an excerpt from a document that our parish priest provides for non-members.

Please contact us to discuss your particular situation.


  • To be married in the Church, at least one of the bride and groom must be a baptized Christian.
  • I am not generally able to perform weddings for non-members where either (or both) the man and woman have been divorced and the former spouse is still living.
  • Any weddings performed in the church are subject to my availability. We have many inquiries from people who simply want to rent the building and bring in another minister or a marriage commissioner to perform the wedding. This is not however a service that we offer. The church's policy is that I have to be responsible for all weddings in our church building.

The following are considerations for both members and non-members:

  • The Canons of the Church (laws) require that I be be given at least 60 days notice to perform a wedding.
  • Normally, the wedding will take place inside a consecrated Church building. Outdoor weddings are possible, but in order to perform one I need the permission of my Bishop, and in order to get that I need a very good reason for having the wedding outside of the Church building. A place being “special” to a couple is not normally a sufficient reason to have the wedding outdoors.
  • The couple will be required to take a marriage preparation course. The one I refer people to is done through Family Services of Central Alberta. They have several course opportunities throughout the winter and spring, and it would normally involve a commitment of a Friday evening and Saturday (all day). The cost of the course is approximately $200 per couple in a group setting. The sooner you register, the better the choices for dates. You can can go directly to the course information page using this link: Beginnings
  • In addition to the marriage preparation course, the couple would also have to meet with me periodically in the months prior to the wedding.
  • There is seating for approximately 150 in the church. This is determined by the fire department, not us.
  • I do not have authority to preside at same-sex weddings.